Elemental Discourse on Intel

Elemental Discourse on Intel By: Patrick Michael As I learn more about myself and the world everyday, I wonder which parts of it are real. I receive so many signals, mixed bags and missed connections. I’m lead on to believe there’s nothing I can do to fix the world. I’m not trying to fix it […]

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Spelunking for Profanity

Spelunking for Profanity By: Patrick Michael I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the message I sent was not the same as the one received. I said always bet on black, cause this game is a crapshoot. Of course, junkies got caught up in the mix so they thought the shots taken were […]

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Incarnations By: Patrick Michael Mother Nature’s incarnations naturally intensify when I consume food within her design The bees are listening when I assume this position of entirely new local inscriptions I’m done with these prescriptions relative to poisonous transitional fatty deliveries I spend my time, my money on my health and mother pays me back […]

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Space Case

Spaced Out Face Plant By: Patrick Michael Growing into a new place without a fickle little vision of invention. I am like this-only as a little version of a surreal situation, with a genuine intention. I’m done feeling bad about the tame pets that feel sick about the same old ways, that old pity party […]

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Fags in Passages

Smoking Cigarettes and Hunting Witches… By: Patrick Michael Go ahead, reap these blood diamonds of Truth.  I’ve kept them from nobody, allowed the fools to assume their position, missionary, doggie, whatever felt most natural for the time being.  Call me out on my high horse, I mounted this steed instead of big game on my […]

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Sailor curses

Sailor Curses By: Patrick Michael It seems as though everything I do is cursed like a sailor,  but I never signed up for any defense programs,  so I guess that makes me a pirate. Get me a colander and I’ll grab a wooden spoon, lets find the flying spaghetti monster and see what he’s doing! […]

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Stop. Foxtrot. Niner. Roger. 

Graphs and Telepathy By: Patrick Michael Should I stop thinking of him? Do I stop revealing this bit of patience what could be shared to heal? Do I stop this discussion when I can only stop to listen? Should I zip this text, file it somewhere neat? When I know every other word is repeated […]

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As you were

As You Were;a short story by Patrick Michael Corruption, seduction Gold is the scourge of man Curate a gallery of false idols See the price of creation Fall short to the sale of your sanity It is not the price you pay today which sees the debt pile up It is only the short change […]

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Something Bigger

Something Bigger: What’s your higher power? By; Patrick Michael Sure, I lost my focus for just a moment. But I haven’t lost my way. I haven’t lost my true self. I feel that deviations from my path only show me what tasks lie ahead. The challenges I face in my microcosm seem to perpetuate for […]

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