Wait a minute….

The mixes of my mind gave way to so many lies, landing on the grounding of my last thought. The last one that killed individuality and brought the hive mentality to one swarm that rapes and pillages. No. This is not what we do. We stop before the hoard of Gremlins and orcs and monsters […]

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Bait and Tackle, Wedding March Bows

“The ceremony of peace, love, song and dance, is traditional indeed, but always tending to forget line dances with Beowulf might end up being forgotten like drunk history. These implanted memories, the only things we left the island with, the depressing repetitive in-hydro artificial insemination of indigo children into Liquid crystalline displays gave way to […]

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subscribe to this. wait tupac…..you don’t write….i do need an admin that knows how to work a satellite station.

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Fruits of laboratory

Synthetic resonations, Harmony to nature’s path of pagus, finding browsers to skim the surface, blaming generations for technologies purpose, singularity had found an old pass, one that bridges Einstein and Hoffman, one for northwestern medicine, another for textbook science, did we learn anything in school at all, and did college not tell us that information […]

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Made it

Congratulations, you made it all happen for yourself, all without spending money, all for just knowing how to use street smarts with the law and value ethics over greed, I have no debt, thus people think I’m rich, but my wealth is so spread out with different friends of all creeds. I don’t take what […]

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Pilot Lights Up

The ownership of one’s intellectual property is integral to successfully being transparent, secure, and private. Public Wi-Fi networks get lost in the mail as do envelopes, and trojan horses, so what I have done is created a sustainable network that runs on energy, not power. The quarantine is real, but it is only digital, and […]

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Got it

Running around the town, reconnecting a community that finds ways to take care of the impoverished ones, those who work all day under the table cause applying for work would prove the government ignores their social problems. Dreamers born in America, parents who legally came here but were not allowed to takes tests to get […]

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Stock Holders

Today, like many days, the local deer in the neighborhood came to visit my home. The land is protected by the beauro of land management, and so the deer are tagged and allowed free roaming in their natural habitat. It is considered poaching with a hefty fine to hunt them here. Nobody does, the land […]

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