Copyright to TaurianTorus

Freehand Paradock

I hereby declare that TaurianTorus© is associated with,, and and as such
belongs to Patrick Michael Kohlwey,

My own intellectual property of poetry,
and all collected works,
including my own voice belong to my brand.
The TaurianTorus logo, or any of its affiliates, friends, or relatives cannot be used to misrepresent me or myself(or any unofficial pronouns) , and therefore cannot be used against me or anybody else for the purpose other than a good read.
Any other use is strictly prohibited, and will be strictly prohibited and enforced with a creative commons licence, in the case that somebody might use my profile against any other. You may copy or print this out, but you take responsibility for the repercussions from there on out.
Treat this domain as one would a national treasure, as this is a representation of collective consciousness, and therefore is an extension of the people of Colorado.
If the intellectual property is compromised, there will be hermetic consequences to the guilty party.
The reason for this is restricted to medical professionals and authorized personnel, and will then be investigated properly if such an event would unfold that might lead to something erratic such as psychosis that certain minds may be subjected to, or in the worst case scenario, be leaked into a facility(such as an institutionalization or facility) that is not prepared for some enlightening information that has many forms of wisdom inspiring it.
I understand that not all facilities hold the same views, and I wish to operate without dogmatic practice, however, the spoken word presentation makes this medium a verified spiritual communications engine, and the ramifications for obstructing the mechanism of this engine retaliates with karmic energy.
I would hope that the Hippocratic oath would be honored in the event that privacy agreements might throw a wrench in this agreement,
I would hope that the cardinals and/or nurses of any facility should have technical access to the pertinent information.
my profile,
my brand and all of its subsidiaries are free to be viewed in order to contribute valuable medical, spiritual, and sound presentations of factual, hermetic and archaic information that has the potential ability to save lives whether that is spiritually, mentally, or physically, and so I may create sustainability within the field that needs it most; healthcare, and overall awareness of oneself, and our community of humanity as a whole.
All Rights Reserved, Unconditional Love pushed forward.

Signed, Patrick Michael Kohlwey


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