Disclaimer: Mission Statements and whatnot

All that is left when our carbon dating shelf life has decayed will there be just the record,

sitting on the pot,

spinning the last thoughts out of that which was real of what was once happening.

The stones,

the pebbles, the sand, the granules,

the clay fired in the kiln,

must be twice baked at 5-10,000°Celsius as this is what makes true stones,

and this will be leftover as well,

and the art is when you find yourself burning your work to the ground while knowing it will vitrify the hardness of obsidian,
it will take a very stoic mind to destroy the sculpture of the immortal mind, and how many lives are cut in half when we shelf a record, or a book?
I hope to leave a memory that could at the very least say, “Made It to 2018, at this space and time in this dimension, and this complexity of density, and would you look at that they said I was 20k years too early to be this aware of reality”.
oh darn, Well, let’s grow some plants while we wait.

The views represented here are one part life experience, one part dream translations, and two parts psychology-related with a focus in philosophy.
As such, these are relatable transmissions of personal, self-evident truths, mixed with the fantastic possibilities of collective consciousness.
Most of this domain is a review or a discourse, an essay or a critical report on reality.
I aim to refine each piece to be more inclusive, more balanced, more subjective, but as this is my personal experience report on my own reality, I cannot say this is a fully unbiased blog.
However, this domain is indeed non-discriminatory, a non-judgemental domain where all views and comments and constructive criticism are welcome with open arms. My goal is to expand my own mind, all the while finding my limitations by creating boundaries regarding coherent media.
In other words, if I stop making sense, I stop writing, start working on edits.
Thanks for the views and the inspiration to keep digging and to keep exploring the beauty of the human mind.

Peace, Love, and Pasta Sauce.
Patrick Michael.





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