Flourite, and Brazilian Quartz porcelain raku clay, rolled striations formed into a monophonic vinyl record player, with dark side of the Moon pressed into it, and a personal note inscribed on it’s underside. Custom LED curcuit board connected via universal serial bus to outlet, wifi compatible Advertisements

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E.S.P Net-Work

“The applications of our modern era have so many layers of listening devices, I wonder what parts are necessary to keep recording. I understand National Security protocol to a certain extent, but I have ascertained, to a certain degree, that we are selling our personal daily diaries of activities and records of our dialogue to […]

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Taken For Granted

Grant me permission to move on through, I think I’ll come up with something we’ve newly discovered in terms of technology and channeling of the spirit. Of course they’ll start charging rent on these things, as I’ve observed in the past, but that is not the way things need to be, and this is not […]

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Now what?

So I’ve established this domain and found certain ways to say that I don’t understand the entertainment industry well enough to create a page. What’s the point of standing up for individual intellectual property ownership if it doesn’t create income or generate an ability to monetize and capitalize on social media? I don’t believe in […]

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How did this start again?

“What did we do to end up here? This place, this unholy area that hides the truth from the public eye, how did this happen to us? What made my writing get my family and friends and I into a space that is out of touch with the way things used to be? I pushed […]

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Final Thoughts

For the last time… Pleading the fifth amendment on this one,  I won’t say a word,  but I think I stopped the algorithm from completing the programs defeating purpose of intrinsic game operating.  The Architect has decided to rebuild a system manually instead of finding a design that works for multiple formats.  A new block for this,  a circular holographic […]

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Show it off

Watch them dance and sing, the records show them skank and smooth, just some ancient spirits in the halls we track, never the same again

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The Show Goes In

All the way through…twice. My phases modulated and needed moderation to ensure stability, I didn’t break once, just got bent out of shape, I took the hyperbole of this stanza and created a destination vacation land, sounded too good to be true, but the cartographic errors that I adjusted for the architect solved all my […]

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