Posted Up

I come from every angle.I find my spirit out in this county. out in nature, the stag and his doe, they are tagged and protected from hunters who do not know. Now that I’ve done my job, protecting hunters from poachers, I ask for the simple amount of respect that a shaman might get. I […]

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Look at you…

All these buzz words running through my head, all these psycho nautical submarines sending pingbacks to the dead. These messages were Well received one time when we forgot about the past. When I forgot about how you lost me to drugs. When you forgot what my family meant to me and how you realize now […]

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singing online

“and so… I kept writing, as if nothing bad happened, and as if I never referenced the past, and as if I never spoke of the resemblances this new page would surface, and as if I never laid out some master plan to live the dream, and as if I never looked up to my […]

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out of what?

did you forget again? that for the last nine years I spent my time wisely, writing about this and that and securing my work on my name, whatever the bank gave me today was lost to you. I forgot how hard it was to prove that ts he dentist didn’t accept MetLife as insurance. I […]

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trim and border and edge

the study is over, and it’s giving back results, no more I say I’m just going on with the lay lines, the slight time designation that winded me when I went running for the door, to catch my breath one more time for the hand held scanning, the stomach turning flip flop, and ah alright…I’m […]

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Patient People Indeed

“So while I finds excuses to run around like no other, I whimper and wince and find a safe place to reside.  I consider the future, and I examine the past,  I compare the results before me with the expectations I once had.  I know enough about what I’ve been told, and I enjoy the […]

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Brush-strokes, and swipes, and marks and skids, tracks, sprays and displays of affection. Is this public or privately owned at all? Is my domain virtually indestructible and moving with my engine and its software? Is there a resonation that we need to tune into, and what makes this object so appropriately connected? I started writing […]

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Antlers from a buck.

“Running around the ways I used to get used by, rubbing the bark off these trees  with my rack, my antlers that certify my status as wild life, protected by the nation, the spirit of american dreams, the theta, not the beta, this is not the tutorial, this ain’t the trial version, this is the […]

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gardening for the dust

“so there was once a trade known as gardening inn the land; this art form of cultivating food for the family, creating a peace treaty with nature so we may live in homeostasis, a balance know to quadrepeds who give birth through the canal of honoring the divine feminine while worshipping the sacred masculine. no, […]

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